One of the main elements of the REACH Regulation is communication along the supply chain of the risks related to the use of chemicals and to measures to control them.
For hazardous substances produced or imported in quantities greater than 10 tonnes per year and for preparations containing these substances, suppliers are, except in special cases, obliged to provide information on „safe“ use procedures, procedures described in the Exposure Scenarios, that set out the operational conditions to be met and any risk management measures to be adopted.
The Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) consists of the safety data sheet completed with Exposure Scenarios.


Regulation n. 1907/2006 (REACH)


The EPY+.ESM module:

  • Determine which Scenarios  have to be attached to the SDS for downstream communication of the safe conditions of use.
  • Allows scenarios to be imported as external files, linking them to substances, raw materials or products
  • Guarantees automatic selection of the Scenarios to be attached to products, among those included for the various raw materials
  • Allows automatic distribution of Exposure Scenarios together with the SDS.