Discover our software solutions for SDS

EPY is the easy and fast software for Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Allows automatic drafting and management of SDSs of chemical substances and mixtures.

EPY is a modular, integrated software suite developed specifically to help European chemical companies comply with the regulations governing chemical products.

In addition to full compliance with the European Regulation, the possibility of creating SDS and hazard labels has now been added for the Chinese, US, Canadian, British and Russian markets.

The continous publication of directives and regulations is monitored by our experts who make the necessary changes to keep our software constantly updated.

The deep knowledge of the regulations and the long experience in studying solutions for hundreds of companies have allowed us to create the most advanced software for SDS ever. A product that goes beyond the simple documentation compliance (SDS, labels, etc.) becoming a real business productivity tool. The constant search for the quality of our software solutions with the use of innovative technologies has allowed Epy to conquer a position of reference in the world market of „Regulatory“ software.

The standards on which our specialization focuses are those that regulate dangerous goods globally: REACH, CLP, GHS China, GHS OSHA, GHS Canada, GHS Great Britain, GHS Russia, ADR, IMDG, IATA, etc.

Discover the easy handbook to draw up SDS in compliance with current European legislation at the following link: https://www.epy.it/the-easy-handbook-european-sds/?lang=en

The satisfaction of our customers

We are proud to have among our customers small, medium and large companies operating in various sectors of the chemical industry.

Adhesives. Consultants and Laboratories, Cosmetics, Cleansing, Essences and Aromas. Pharmaceutical. Frits and Ceramic Glazes. Printing Inks, Lubricants. Polymers, elastomers, PVC. Chemistry for the textile industry. Building. Skin treatment products. Livestock and veterinary products. Solvents and Thinners. Shipping. Surface treatment. Paints and similar.