EPY Software for Safety Data Sheets, Hazard Labels, Automatic Distribution

The EPY Software is a suite of programs dedicated to SDS, Hazard Labels, Automatic Distribution.

Modular and integrated programs, expressly designed to meet European chemical companies needs of adaptation to the regulations governing chemical products.

To complete compliance with the European regulation, the possibility of creating SDS and dangerous labels for the markets of China, USA and Canada has been added. The implementation of other versions of GHS is planned.

EPY software main functions

  1. Automatic authoring of safety data sheets (SDS) of substances and mixtures according to Regulation 2020/878 for Europe and according to the GHS implemented in China, USA and Canada
  2. Automatic distribution of SDSs at first purchase and at each revision
  3. Management of the Exposure Scenarios of substances and mixtures and production of the extended data sheets
  4. Calculation and printing of hazard labels according to the CLP regulation for Europe and according to the GHS implemented in China, USA and Canada
  5. Text management in 34 languages


EPY is a modular, integrated software suite developed specifically to help European chemical companies comply with the regulations governing chemical products...


Epy allows you to manage in accordance with regulation the transport of dangerous goods for both road and rail transport (ADR / RID), sea (IMO) and air transport (IATA / ICAO). The data obtained...


Article 31 of the REACH Regulation requires the obligation to provide the safety data sheet of a substance or a hazardous mixture to the recipients of the goods, provided that they are professional....


EPY+.UFI is the first of two modules for the management of new notifications in accordance with the procedures set out in Annex VIII of the CLP...