EPY is a modular, integrated software suite developed specifically to help European chemical companies comply with the regulations governing chemical products.
In addition to full compliance with the European Regulation, the possibility of creating SDS and hazard labels has now been added for the markets of China, the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Russia.
This intuitive, user-friendly software suite is constantly upgraded and updated.


Telematic is a software house born in 1980 specialized in carrying out solutions linked to the regulations that determine classification, labeling and transport of chemical substances and mixtures.
A deep knowledge of regulations and an enduring practicality in designing solutions for hundreds of companies has allowed us to mold existing standard products into state-of- the- art ones, going far beyond the mere compliance of documentation ( safety data sheets, labels, etc..) transforming them into indubitable business productivity tools.
The merge of our never ending quest for the quality of our solutions, and the use of innovative technologies, has enabled Telematic to become a reference model on the global market of “Regulatory software”.
The guidelines on which our specialization focuses are those that govern, on a global level, dangerous goods: REACH, CLP, GHS China, HPR, OSHA, GHS GB, GHS Russia,  GHS, ADR, IMDG, IATA, etc.