EPY+.LAB is designed to create and print hazard labels according to different Regulatory standards.
The software can be used stand-alone or connected to EPYplus, from which it receives all the information on the classification to be labeled.


EUROPE: Regulation 1272/2008 and subsequent alignments
USA: HCS 2012
CHINA: GB 15258/2009


EPY+.LAB allows to print labels of chemical subastances and preparations according to Regulatorion CLP (Europe) and to GHS (China, Usa, ecc…)
In addition to data indicating the product hazard level, automatically calculated by the software, the user can also add additional information such as batch no., weight, volume, date, bar code, QR code or free text. This data can be entered manually or extracted from external files.

EPY+.LAB allows for very flexible management of the label layout.
The user, very simply and intuitively, designs a label using a mouse, buttons and ruler facilitated by the presence of predefined graphic diagrams.

EPY+.LAB supports the use of any type of printer, from traditional office printers to high-performance thermal transfer printers that even allow printing on special media.
The printer can also be driven by external programs (such as production launch), which also allow the insertion of a printer in the production line.