COSMETIC DATA SHEET – Management of information sheets for cosmetic products

Cosmetic products are expressly exempt from Title IV of the REACH regulation; therefore, there is no obligation to create a Safety Data Sheet, even on request, if they are in the finished state and intended for the end user.
In addition, these cosmetic products do not require a hazard label either, since CLP does not apply to them.

EPY+.CDS is the software dedicated to the management of information sheets for cosmetic products (Cosmetic Data Sheet) and is fully integrated into the EPYplus software. The new document was created starting from CLP SDS with various peculiar changes. The new texts specify that the product is a cosmetic product and as such is not subject to the obligation to have a safety data sheet according to the REACH regulation, as it is exempt from Title IV, and its classification and labelling according to the CLP regulation is not required. In section 2, however, physical hazards are listed, both to comply with the Aerosol Directive if applicable, and to provide useful information for correct hazard management. It is possible to manage the case in which the parent product is sold in bulk, and therefore requires a CLP SDS, while the relative CDSs are created for packaged products. The CDS can be produced in 33 languages.


  • As it is not an SDS according to REACH, the information sheet for cosmetic products cannot be checked as part of controls according to this regulation;
  • in particular, it does not include the classification for health and environmental hazards, nor the relative labelling;
  • in the cosmetics information sheet, only the physical characteristics filled in by the user are listed;
  • the indications on any precautions to be taken during use are greatly simplified;
  • the calculation of the cosmetic sheet does not affect the possibility of also calculating the SDS according to REACH;
  • It can be a valuable tool in the context of risk assessment by professional users.