EPY+.UFI is the first of two modules for the management of new notifications in accordance with the procedures set out in Annex VIII of the CLP, which allow to notify the Poison Control Centres of any European Union Member State about the composition and the properties of hazardous preparations.


Article 45 of the CLP
Annex VIII of the CLP


  1. Automatic generation and association of UFI codes with products
  2. Automatic management of UFI code changes according to the rules set out in Annex VIII of the CLP
  3. Possibility of managing multiple UFI codes per product
  4. Mapping of the colours included for the SDSs in the list of colours envisaged for notifications
  5. Entry of the “PIP” classification (preparation in a preparation)
  6. Entry of UFI code or the SDS and the supplier data for the “PIP”
  7. Importing list of products to be excluded from the notification requirement
  8. Importing UFI code lists already assigned to products
  9. Printing UFI code on the label