REACH Regulation requires the obligation to provide the Safety Data Sheet of a substance or a hazardous mixture to the recipients of the goods, provided that they are professional users.
The requirement also applies to non-hazardous products which contain hazardous substances.


Regulation n. 1907/2006 (REACH), Art. 31


Both software products EPYdocument-plus (connected to EPYplus) and EPY.Delivery (connected to EPY.Storage) allow two types of automatism:

  • Automatic distribution when changing the revision number of an SDS
    The software is able to detect the changes that determine the review of a Safety Data Sheet.
    Whenever a SDS has been revised, the software is able to identify all customers who have purchased the product in the last 12 months. Consequently it prepares the emails, each of which contains the SDS in the customer’s language (if there are active languages) and forwards them.
  • Automatic distribution when shipping the goods
    When preparing the transport document, the system is able to evaluate if the customer is buying a specific product for the first time, and if it has an updated SDS or not. Thereupon, it is able to identify if and which SDS should be sent to that precise client.