At Telematic, we concede great importance to a system of alliances as a strategic tool of our technical and commercial development. The quality of our solutions and our commercial success has been achieved thanks to the cooperation with excellent partners, along with devotion and expertise in their fields.

Flashpoint is a service company created by professional chemists in response to the need for technical support and regulative updates for companies operating in the field of dangerous goods; these days it actually stands as the National Reference for Consultancy and Training on the transport and management of chemicals: substances, mixtures, solutions, waste, items.
Years of hands-on experience and the wisdom of operational staff consisted by expert chemists and toxicologists has been the hallmark that distinguishes our personalized services dedicated to small, medium and large companies belonging to various sectors.
Flashpoint’s commitment to the dissemination of the culture on dangerous goods has been fulfilled thanks to the constant activity of providing free information through the portals dedicated to dangerous goods:  www.mercipericolose.it – www.adronline.it

Normachem provides training and counseling services in the chemical field (product safety, corporate security, environmental issues) to all companies of this sector or that handle and use chemical products, such as those of the textile, engineering, electronics, paper, rubber-plastics industries, etc..
The work program set by the company is always specific and highly competent, and may include, for instance, issues such as REACH and the CLP Regulation, which constitute the most important new legislation for the management of chemicals in Europe.

The PVC Forum Italia – PVC Information Centre is the association that brings together companies producing resin and additives and the processing of PVC in Italy. This association intends to become a qualified reference point and source of information on PVC products and on the chain of intermediary products and additives that lead to their production. The Italian PVC Forum is also part of the international network connected to ECVM (European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers), the European association of PVC manufacturers.

POLYMERS & COLORS S.A. was established with purpose the sales and technical support of industrial raw materials and machinery from selected, distinguished companies. Special emphasis is given in the continuous follow up of the international technological advancements, which is accomplished, with the never-ending training of the personnel, combined with the day-to-day contact with the customers. They are active in all South East Europe. The coatings, construction chemicals, graphic arts and adhesives industries are the areas where they offer a full range of products and special attention is given to the promotion of environmentally friendly ingredients.

CIRS Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service (CIRS) is an independent firm providing professional chemical regulatory consulting, certification and testing services to a variety of industries such as the chemical industry, consumer product industry, scientific research institutions and industry associations. With its headquarter based in Hangzhou of China and offices or laboratories located in Ireland, Nanjing, Ningbo and Wenzhou, CIRS utilizes its technical expertise, various resources and global network to provide comprehensive compliance services such as chemical notification, GHS compliance services, pesticides and biocides registration, cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredient registration, chemical testing, regulatory update monitoring and training services.

PROYSOLTEC IBÉRICA S.L. is our Spanish technical and commercial partner. It offers products and technical solutions related to dangerous goods and chemicals. The company is made up of Security Consultants and skilled technicians, with broad experience in consultancy and training on dangerous goods and chemicals. Currently PROYSOLTEC offers IT solutions and acts as a consultant to companies that export chemicals and dangerous goods by any means of transport (ADR, RID, IATA, IMDG).

CHEMLEG provides the consultancy services on Chemical Regulatories in and abroad. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey. CHEMLEG also provides support to the companies by providing training and consultancy services in the fields of current legislations, authoring of MSDS/SDS (GBF), SEA (CLP), KKDIK (Turkey REACH), Biocidal Product Application and other notification procedures in order to inform sector employees about regarding legislations’ requirements. CHEMLEG services as Only Representative (OR) for the companies relevant with its service areas. CHEMLEG team consists of chemists specialized in their fields, associating the technical and legislative knowledge they gained in a wide range of fields in the chemical sector.

InnovaTox is Hungary’s leading chemical safety consulting company. With a decade of operational excellence, InnovaTox has assisted hundreds of Hungarian and International clients in the navigation of the complexities of chemical safety regulations. Their expertise and commitment to compliance has made them a key player in the field of chemical safety consultancy, providing invaluable support to companies across the world.


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